paigegarza: Who's all going to be living in the new o2l house? Same boys or no?


connor awhile back decided he wants to move into his own place alone, theres no drama or anything connor just honestly likes to have his own private space, thats the kind of person he is. nothing wrong with that! every things all good. i just dont want any random false rumors starting

we still love connor more than ever but yeah it’ll just be me kian and jc in the new house

"I got my kiki by my side"

Anonymous: if youre looking for new youtubers you should watch tate yo! it'd mean a lot to me if you did ((and he'll follow me back on twitter if i promote him lol)) but seriously he's an amazing youtuber and you actually wont regret it. just type "tate yo- theme song challenge" or any of his other vids and watch it or comment & like or something idk??? but ya thanks so much xx cute blog btw love it & o2l too haha

omg ok i will check him out 

and thank u!!


Just filmed with @kikilawl we took of our clothes